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You have to spin a good yarn before you can weave a great tale. Takwis is a cryptid, which refers to a creature that is believed to exist without significant proof. Said to inhabit the Mojave, Sonoran and Colorado deserts, the Takwis legend is built over three centuries of stories, official reports, and “encounters”. Here is your chance to purchase a handcrafted folio of stories and encounters woven to grab your imagination, pique your interest, and transport you to different eras of Takwis encounters.


Included is: Takwis Warning sign, 1700s Spanish Military report, a 1967 Translation of the Spanish Military report, a 1974 US Air Force report, an original poem – The Legend of the Takwis – signed, and a photo someone captured during desert encounter.  


These items are a blend of real and added details for context to fit the eras – they are meant to be fun, enhance your desert experiences, and be display items. They are not 100% historically accurate. 


All items are 100% handcrafted of the highest quality with an intent for you to be proud to own and display, and not some trinket to throw in a drawer.

The Takwis File

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