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The Silence and the Sun
Written by Joe de Kehoe
Illustrated with hundreds of color images and maps


The Silence and the Sun offers a selection of historical and human accounts on the development, decline, and abandonment of towns, businesses, mining communities and railroad stops in the eastern Mojave Desert of California. These forgotten places with names like Cadiz, Siam, Bagdad, Milligan, Chubbuck, Siberia and Amboy, are located along old Route 66 and desert railroads. The MDHCA is proud to offer this wonderful book authored by one of our illustrious members, Joe de Kehoe.


Second edition
356 pages
5.75" X 8.75"
Soft cover
Trails End Publishing Company
First edition published 1 November 2007
ISBN 978-0-9793827-1-0

Silence and the Sun

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