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Mojave Road Guide: An Adventure Through Time
Written by Dennis G. Casebier
Maps by Chris S. Ervin


This is the original Mojave Road Guide authored by historian Dennis Casebier who rediscovered this old wagon road, now a major recreational trail.


Explore the route used by pioneers on their way to California. The Mojave Road lets your SUV act as a time machine, guiding you on a trail that stretches for 140 miles through country virtually unchanged since prehistoric times. The fourth edition has new features -- an essay on the history of the Mojave Road followed by a section of portraiture -- images of people who made history along the Mojave Road prior to 1880. The "General Guidlines" section has been modified to reflect changes in management resulting from passage of the California Desert Protection Act. The narrative road log has been significantly revised and reformatted to make it easier to use. The maps have been completely redone.


Fourth edition
200 pages
6.75" X 9.5"
Published 2010
ISBN 978-0914224372


Mojave Road Guide and Booklet

  • This bundle includes The Mojave Road Guide book as well as the classic Background Information booklet from 1987.

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