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Guide to The East Mojave Heritage Trail — Needles to Ivanpah [Segment 1]
Written by Dennis G. Casebier & the Friends of the Mojave Road
Maps by Bob Martin
Illustrated by Ted Jensen


This guide to the first segment of the East Mojave Heritage Trail contains a road log and an interpretative guide of historical points of interest, geology, archeology, wildlife, and flora of the East Mojave Desert. The guide includes summaries of the East Mojave Desert history; the Mojave Indians; the Santa Fe Railroad; Needles history; Route 66; Desert Indians: the Piutes and Chemehuevis; Goffs, California; Desert Training Center; the Vontrigger and Exchequer Mining Districts; the Mojave Road; East Mojave Cattle Industry; East Mojave Railroads; The Last Wolf of the East Mojave; Maruba (Ledge), California; Hart, California; El Dorado Canyon Road; Early Use of Autos; Searchlight; Nevada; Crescent, Nevada; the Traction Road; and the I. L. D. Legend; Ivanpah, California.


Wilderness designations in the Desert Protection Act of 1994, closed 75 miles of the original 660-mile East Mojave Heritage Trail. A new route, bypassing the closed sections, has been pioneered by MDHCA member, Billy Creech. A map and supplement describing the new route is included with this book. Also, digital GPS tracks are available for download. In order to avoid Wilderness and to remain on open routes, you need to use the supplement in conjunction with the road log printed in this guide book.


First edition
23 color and 78 black and white photos, 21 maps
320 pages
8.6 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches
Tales of the Mojave Road Publishing
Published 1987
LOC # 87-050077
ISBN 0-914224-14-X

Guide to The East Mojave Heritage Trail — Needles to Ivanpah [Segment 1]

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