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Goldroad Arizona on Historic Route 66
Written by Norma Jean Richards Yount


The Great Depression of 1929 brought many unfamiliar problems and unusual situations into the lives of the families and individuals who were caught up in its terrifying grasp. The day-to-day worry of how to put a roof over their heads and put food in their mouths was always foremost in their minds. Most of the families who found their way to Goldroad when it reopened in March 1937 were grateful for the opportunity, for the first time in five or more years, to once again feel secure in their ability to provide for their families.


Day-to-day living in Goldroad offered many varied experiences. The great Okie migration that made its way along the now famous Historic Route 66 passed through Goldroad. Desperate families in old worn-out cars and trucks with all their earthly goods tied on top, made their way to California, the promised land, which was just a few short miles from Goldroad across the Colorado River at Topock. The Grapes of Wrath movie passed before their eyes almost on a daily basis.


Norma Jean Richards Yount lived the Golden Years 1937-1942 from age 5 until she was 11 in the small gold mining camp of Goldroad, Arizona and will never forget the experiences she shared with family and friends--memories so vivid and deep they would last a lifetime. Memories and experiences of ordinary people doing ordinary things in their everyday lives which developed and molded the values that she lived by.


Fourth edition
322 pages
8.1 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches
Aardvark Global Publishing
Published April 9, 2009
ISBN 978-1427638526

Goldroad Arizona on Historic Route 66

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