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Written by Dennis G. Casebier & the Friends of the Mojave Road
Maps by Bob Martin
Illustrated by Ted Jensen
Road log by Neal Johns


This is a discounted full set of all four guides to the entire 660-mile East Mojave Heritage Trail. (See individual volumes for content details.)


Wilderness designations in the Desert Protection Act of 1994, closed 75 miles of the original 660-mile East Mojave Heritage Trail. New routes, bypassing the closed sections, have been pioneered by MDHCA member, Billy Creech. Maps and supplements describing the new routes are included with these books. In order to avoid Wilderness and to remain on open routes, you need to use the supplements in conjunction with the road logs printed in the guide books.

The East Mojave Heritage Trail Guides and More!

  • Supplement Guide and the Background Booklet!

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