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Hey Y'All - a few tidbits of info:

  1. Snakes are out so watch where you step and if you stop and camp for the night - always check next to your tires in the morning.

  2. Tortoise are out - so please PLEASE watch for them while driving the trails. Bill Inglehart and I saw four of them while we were out a few weeks ago.

  3. If you do not already have the Tom Harrison map of the Mojave National Preserve - I STRONGLY suggest you buy one now while you can - it is hands down the best map of the MNP. MDHCA has ~30 remaining and we won't be able to get any more. You can purchase from our store at (either stand alone, or bundled with the Mojave Road Guide)

  4. Takwis File packets - I made the next round of 25 for the OLAF event, but I had to cancel that. So - for those of you who have been wanting to get one, but they were out of stock - here's your chance. Order on and I will ship it out.

More to follow.......Billy

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